Dokshitsy a small town, the center of the Dokshitsy region. 187 km is the distance between Dokshitsy and Vitebsk.  In 1993 were about 7.400 inhabitants in Dokshitsy. It is a pity, but I don`t know how many of them are jewish and are there jewish people in Dokshizy at all (for example, now there are only four jews in famous Volozhin).

I saw two articles about Dokshitsy in the famous Jewish Encyclopaedia of Brogaus-Efron (1908-13):

Dokshitsy (Dokshize) - during the existance of Rzech Pospolitaya (which united Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) a small town of Ashmyany povet in Vilna Voevodstvo. In 1766 jewish population of this place was 210 people.

And also I saw an article about Dokhitzy of Borisov uezd in Minsk gubernia. In 1847 "Jewish community of Dokshitsy" had 1.808 inhabitants. According to the sencus of 1897 in Dokshitsy were 3642 inhabitants (2762 jews).

In the Belarussian Historcial Encyclopedia I found only one article about Dokshitsy ( As I think it is an information about Dokshitsy of former Borisov uezd):

The beginnig of existance of Dokshitsy (earlier, a village) is the 14th century. Famous Grand lithuanian duke Vitaut Vialiki (the Great) presented Dokshizy to Voycech Manivid. At first, Dokshitsy was mentioned in 1407 as a private place.

Many years Dokshitsy were a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. During this period Jewish people settled here. The big question is "when"? I suppose, in 16th or 17th century. Since the end of 18th Dokshitsy became a russian territory.

It was an amazing incident during the Russian army invasion to Rzech Pospolitaya, connected with the jews from Dokshitsy. I found this information in the fundamental collection of the Belarussian Jewish hisory materials "Regesty i nadpisy. Svod materialov po istorii evreev v Rossii" (Volume 3, 1913). I saw a document from 12th of May, 1794 - secret report of general-major Lukashevicz to prince Nikolay Vasilievich Repnin. One of the jews Naim Shmerkovicz from Dokshitsy went to Lukashevicz with the note from general-major P.N. Nepluev. This note contained a question about Russian army. The information from Nepluev`s note is very interesting: shlachta (ruling class of former Recz Pospolitaya) of Dokshytzy decided to take away the treasure of Russians. The inhabitants of Dokshitsy ( including the jews) warned shlachta not to do so, because Russian army was near. As the result shlachta frightened and Russian treasure was saved.

After the Russian occupation of Rzech Pospoplitaya Dokshizty ( since 1795 - a town) recieved a new owner. His name was general-major V. Miloshevich. In 1800 Miloshevich had 106 yards of Dokshitsy (71 of them were jewish). Ludviga Gutarovichava owned 42 yards ( called Dokshitzkaya Sloboda), 12 of them were also jewish.

Dokshitsy were a typical jewish place of Belarus. Here existed a jewish school ( heder).

Since 1921 Dokskitzy - part of Polish Independence state. After Soviet invasion in Poland (september 1939) - part of Belarussian Soviet Republic.

The 9th of July 1941 is the day when the Germans occupied Dokshitsy. They organized a ghetto ( it was 163 ghettoes in the territory of Belarus). The Germans killed in the Dokshitsy region 4931 inhabitants, most of them were jews (in may 1942 the Germans destroyed a ghetto - 2653 jews were killed). It was the end of the Dokshitsy existance as a jewish place.

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