During the existance of  Rech Pospolitaya (the union between Polish kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) Lipsko  was situated in Benzsk Voevodstvo, Poland.  309 jews lived in Lipsko in 1765. Since 1795 - Lipsko -  the part of Russian Empire in Radom Gubernia.

In 1856 jewish population of Lipsko was 758 (christian - 664). The results of  famous Russian census (1897 ) for Lipsko are: 2443 inhabitants - 1448 jews.

Lipsk (Lipsk). During the existance of Rech Pospolitaya, the part of Grodno povet, Troki gubernia.  392 jews lived in Lipsk in 1766. Since 1795 - Lipsk - the part of Russian Empire in Navagrudok uezd. In the book "Rossija. Polnoe geographicheskoe opisanie"  ("Russia. Full geographical description") (St-Petersburg, 1900) I find the next information about Lipsk: small empty place in Palesse (southern part of Belarus) with the one othodox church.
Today, Lipsk is known as a small in Liachavichi region of  Brest region.

Lipskerov Abram Yakovlevich in 1883 began to publish  in Moscow the newspaper "Novost dnia"("The news of the day"). This newspaper was very popular. Since 1891 Lepskerov - a publisher of "Novosti inostrannoy literaturi"  ("The news of foreign literature")

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