Mikhalishki -  during the existance of Rech Pospolitaya (a union of the Polsih Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Belarus - was a major part of this Duchy), formed in 1569) was in the squad of Vilna voevodstvo. More then 396 jews lived in Mikhalishki in 1765.
Since 1795 Mikhalishki was a part of Vilna uezd and gubernia in the Russian Empire . Mikhalishki had 371 jewish inhabitants in 1847. According to the famous Russian census of 1897 in  Mikhalishki were 1.224 inhabitants (951 of them - jews).
Famous jewish poet A.B. Lebenson was born in this small shtetl (his nickname was Mikhalishker).
Today  Mikhalishki is a small village in Grodno (in Belarussian - Grodna) gubernia.

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