Postavy (in belarussian - Pastavy), now - the center of Pastavy district in Vitebsk region (250 km from Vitebsk). 15.4 thousnad inhabitants (1974).
The first mention of this place is 1522. During 16-18th centuries Pastavy was a part of Ashmyany Povet (Vilna voevodstvo) in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania nad in Rech Pospolitaya (union of Grand Duchy and Polish kingdom). This town was owned by Despat-Zyanovichy and after it by famous political leader Tythengaus. Since 1793 Pastavy - a part of Russian Empire.

According to 1847 revision Pastavy jewish community had 551 members. The results of famous Russian sensus of 1897 are: 2397 inhabitants in Pastavy - 1310 - jews.

During 1921-39 Pastawy were a part of Polish state, since 1939 - Soviet. In June 1941 the Nazi Germany occupied Pastavy. The town was liberated only in 5th of July 1944.

In Postawy the Nazi organized a ghetto. 4.000 jews were a population of this place. In november 1942 a ghetto was destroyed. The Nazies raped women on the eyes of their husbands, parents and children. After this they killed all jews.The jews who left in the houses wer burned alive. A woman, her name was Wayner, run away. The faschists seized her with 5-month baby and on her eyes breaked him. They cut off her breasts, broke the hands and the legs, and after it shoted out.

It was the tragic and of the jewish place in the western part of Belarus.

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