Shklov (in Belarussian - Shklou) was a traditional jewish place in Mogilev region. According to the famous Russian Empire sensus of 1897 - 6931 inhabitants were in Shklou (5442 were jews). In 1910 Shklov have a talmud-Torah, two schools: two-class men`s and private women`s.

Since fabruary 1919 Shklou was a part of Russian Federal Soviet Socialist Republic, since 1924 - the center of the region in the Belarusisian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In July 1941 Nazi Germany occupied Shklou. Here they organized a ghetto. To the end 1941 the Nazies killed almost all Jews. Near the city the fascists killed six thousands man and women. The children were put alive in a pit with the killed parents and filled up. It was the end of Shklov Jewish history.

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