Wolpa (in Belarussian - Woupa, today  - a village, the center of selsovet in Volkovysk (Vaukavysk) region,  is situated on the river Waupianka ( 25 km from Vaukavysk and  72 km from Grodno (Grodna))  In 1990 Woupa had 1.544 inhabitants.
In the first half of XV century Woupa was a possession of  Grand Lithuanian  duke  Kazimir IV. In 1449 he presented Woupa to the Lithuanian chancellor and Vilna voevoda (head of province) A. Galshanski. In the end of XV - the beginning of XVI centuries Woupa was known as a miastechka (Yiddish - shtetl) of Grodna povet, fifty years later - a possession of Grand Lithuanian dukes Sigizmund and Sigizmund August.
The first mention about jews in Woupa is XVII century. The beginning of the jewish life in Woupa is connected with famous belarussian Sapega family.  In 1624  Lithuanian chancellor Leu Sapega  bought this  miastechka for his son - ) Kazimir.  Sapega family was interested in Wolpa`s prosperity. That is why, they invited jews to their possession (in 1766 Woupa jewish communities had 641 members).  In 1643 Lithuanian duke and Polish king Wladislaw IV visited Woupa.
In 1775 Woupa had about 21  houses. In 1795 this shtetl  become part of Russian Empire. In 1831 Sapega family, who gave a strong suppor to the 1830-31 Polish, Lithuanian and Belarussian insurrection against Russia, lost Woupa. It become a state possession.
In 1847  Woupa jewish community had 709 members. The results of  the famous Russian census of 1897 for Woupa were: 1.976 inhabitants - 1.151 jews.
Also, in 1897 shtetl had  2 orthodox churches, a catholic church, a synagogue, 2 prayer houses, a beer plant, about 25 shops, 5 fairs per year and so on. Woupa jewry took an active part in shtetl`s trade and fairs.  Except trade, their main occupation was handicraft  (tailors and shoe-makers).
During the World War I Woupa was occupied by German troops. After the February and Bolshevik revolutions, Polish army occupied Woupa in 1919-1920. According to the Riga treaty of March, 1921, Woupa was in  Vaukavysk povet in Bialostok voevodstvo in the  squad of Poland.
On the 17th of September, 1939, Soviet Army invaded Poland. Woupa become a part of Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic (since the 12ht October of 1940 - a center of selsovet in Vaukavysk region).
On the 22nd of June, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union.  Several days later they occupied Woupa. Jewish community was destroyed.

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